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Parenting Classes

Parenting classes and parenting tips only some of the few topics we discuss on this website. In order to provide parenting help on a variety of issues affecting both old and new parents, we have also discussed in detail other child rearing issues such as best toys, parenting advice, parenting styles, positive parenting, common sense media, child education, home schooling, pregnancy, power struggle, divorce, genealogy, marriage, saving marriage, adoption, and a lot more on various parental issues.

But first, let’s start with parenting definition.

What is Parenting?

Parenting which can also be referred to as or child rearing is actually the process of supporting and promoting and social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of a child from infancy stage to adulthood.

Parenting also refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship

In parenting, the most common caretaker is the biological parent or parents of the child in question. However, other parties may also have a role in child rearing as well. Such parties may include an older sibling, aunt, uncle, a grandparent, a legal guardian, other family members, or even a family friend. Governments and society may have a role in child-rearing as well.

Often times, orphaned or abandoned children receive parental care from non-parent blood relations, while others may be raised in foster care, adopted, or placed in an orphanage for example.

Parenting Skills:

There are various parenting skills, and a parent with good parenting skills may be referred to as a good parent. Parenting skills are in most cases assumed to be self-evident or naturally present in parents. Most people have got the idea that raising families is all instinct and intent, and we think that anyone could be an effective parent simply through wishful thinking or because he wanted to be, or because he just happened to go through the acts of conception and birth. This is why parenting is the most complicated job in the world.


Parenting Styles:

Every grandmother and grandfather will tell you hilarious stories of their children when they were first born. And for every funny and touching story they have, they will be able to tell you another for every hardship they encountered. Parenting is something that is done in many different ways by each parent. The following are four general styles employed by parents.

Authority: Authoritarian parents rule on just that: authority. Commands are given to children that they must follow regardless of the circumstances. If these commands are not followed, harsh punishment will ensue. These parents do not welcome feedback from their children. In fact, it is met with severe punishment. The children tend to be quiet and unhappy. They have more of a fear than a love for their parents. Male children have trouble dealing with anger and female children have trouble facing adversity due to their heavily structured life where nothing ever changes.

Indulgent: Indulgent parents tend to be described as lenient. They allow immature and childish behavior. These parents expect the children to learn from their mistakes and to fend for themselves in most times of need. These parents tend to be democratic and allow for feedback from there children on issues. They will hear both sides of an argument and usually make a compromise. Indulgent parents usually avoid confrontation with their children by all means, but do tend to be more involved and emotionally closer to their children.

Authoritative: Authoritative parents are a combination of the two styles previously mentioned. They are the happy medium. While expecting proper behavior from their children, they welcome feedback and questioning on certain issues. They’re able to demand things of their children but are also able to respond to what they’re child says, questions and requests. These children tend to be the happiest, most confident and self assured of all the mentioned parenting styles. It is very difficult to be a purely authoritative parent.

Passive: Passive parenting is being completely uninvolved. These parents may never be home due to immaturity, work or the like. These children are usually raised by grandparents, older siblings, babysitters or themselves. There is no parental involvement at all.


On Single Parenting: Few Truths Of Single Parenting:

Global way of living has changed significantly over the last twenty-five years.  It has affected different aspects of our lifestyle – from the general way of thinking, education, finances, child and healthcare, even the way we manage our families. This fast-paced change has shaped the way we live our lives, including parenting.

Single parenting is defined as a parent  (whether the wife, or the husband) doing the role of maintaining the nuclear family, as a result of  death, divorce, separation, or personal choice.

This type of parenting is an additional arm of the traditional nuclear and extended family types that we have learned since childhood. Nuclear families consist of two parents, and children who are living in the same house.

Extended families, on the other hand, consists of two parents, children and aunts, uncles or grandparents living in the same house.  Since the 80’s, the number of single parent families in the US have doubled.

Pregnancy And What To Expect:

There are no two pregnancies that are alike so, while it is difficult to say exactly how each will progress, there are certain factors that are common among all women going through pregnancy.  Quite often, early symptoms of pregnancy will appear and prompt the soon-to-be mom to purchase a home pregnancy test.  These can be found at virtually every retail and/or grocery store.  It is important to remember that pregnancy tests, while designed to be accurate, are sometimes wrong.  Regardless of the result, it is recommended that women experiencing pregnancy symptoms should schedule an appointment with a health care professional who will accurately test for pregnancy.

Among the pregnancy symptoms that most women experience are heightened sensitivity to certain smells and/or food, exhaustion, recurring morning sickness and mood swings.  During the entire pregnancy, it is very important that the woman participate in a healthy lifestyle.  Among other things, this would include not smoking or being near secondhand smoke, avoid drinking alcohol, etc.  In addition, the mom-to-be should drink plenty of milk and eat healthy foods.  This will help to promote good development for the child and will be a healthy start for him/her.


Why Child Care is Necessary:

Latchkey kids are a thing of the past and for good reason. Child care is a necessary part of parenting, and there are many services available today to assist with this tough challenge. Societies now encourage children to learn more, become responsible at an earlier age, and to put it simply, grow up faster. Parents are no longer encouraged to allow a child of seven or eight to take him or herself home after school and stay alone until Mom or Dad get home from work. Sexual predators are a very real threat; a child can be followed home from school and victimized. But if there is child care, this will be avoided.

Today, child care abounds. There is full-time, part-time, drop-in and day care centers. Child care doesn’t have to mean you’re away from your child all day from morning to night, missing the milestones we all enjoy. Depending on your child care needs, and your work situation, sometimes child care can be very minimal. Maybe several hours a week will be all you need from an in-home child care provider, with a backup of drop-in child care for those emergency or unplanned occasions; a drop-in child care provider can be a lifesaver.

Just spending some time with your child is important and meaningful while he is spending his day in child care.


Child Care Tips:

Child care can also mean a family member watching your child. There are still some vital guidelines, however, to follow if this is your child care situation. If the relative is an older person, you certainly want to make sure that they are capable of handling any type of emergency that might arise.

Also, if the relative has to take any medication while he is providing child care to your child, the medications should be unavailable to the child. No matter what age a child is, it is strenuous activity at the least.

Falling back on television as an activity is frowned upon; however, some children’s television shows are all about learning and should be allowed. This also gives the caregiver time to catch their breath! If your relative is of the younger generation, they may not need to take time out to catch a breath, but they certainly need to be coached in what you are requiring of them.


Making a list would be helpful, having several sessions alone with the child while Mom runs an errand will give you and your child some time to see how the caregiver and your child get along. Through trial and hopefully not very much error, child care can be a cakewalk.


How to Save A Marriage:

After few years of marriage some conflicts between the couples may arise and married life may become stressful. How will you come to know that your marriage is in crisis? There are some reasons responsible for disturbed married life such as alcohol abuse, difficulty with children, financial problems, a situation when both the partners are unfaithful, major life changes and problems with fertility.

The marital relationships may be affected by the broken trust, boredom, infidelity, poor communication, lack of appreciation, addictive behavior, emotional abuse, absence of sex and no affection. When the marriage is in trouble, you should try to find out the solutions of how to save a marriage.

When you realize that something is wrong with your married life, don’t just think how to save a marriage, but immediately look for the solution. You try to find out the problems and adopt some qualities to save your marriage and to stop the divorce. There are always some hopes and ways to resolve the problems your marriage. The conflicts in married life may be due to ego or some misunderstandings.

One of the best ways to save a marriage is to create long-term plans with your partner. Make some plans to spend the vacations at good picnic spot. Some future plans that are made together may help to increase the intimacy. It will assure that your partner is always there for you.



Divorce Overview:

What is the definition of divorce? You may very well get the legal termination of a marital contract. But what they don’t include is that the entire proceedings may go on for months on an end (6-18 months). They don’t describe how children involved can make divorce feel like it’s going on ‘forever.’

Divorce is not just a termination. It’s a beginning.

Maybe your friends of the family or people at work will be going through its own set of changes as you face others with your new civil status. Divorce may be defined as a termination but it is the start of new beginnings and the introduction of a number of changes in both you and your children’s lives.

Is divorce for you?

Before that, if you are reading this and are in the process of considering divorce, take a moment to think about several assertions. If you believe that you can accept the following assertions as true in your marital relationship, give the idea of divorcing your mate a second thought.

  • I believe I still have love for my mate.
  • I am prepared to seek counseling or marital therapy for the sake of the relationship.
  • I want to transform for the better.
  • I value openness and truthfulness in my relationship with my mate.
  • It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, what matters is that I am willing to seek forgiveness or forgive when needed.

However, if you cannot see yourself in the mentioned assertions, read on to gain a basic understanding of divorce.



Parental Controls for the Internet:  How to Use Them

Are you a parent who has recently decided that you would like to keep your child safe when they use the internet?  If you are, you may want to use internet parental controls.  They are one of the best internet safety steps that you can take to protect your child.

As nice as it is to hear that internet parental controls can help to protect your child from danger online, you may be curious as to how they work or how you can get started with them.  Although you will find some variances, most parental controls for the internet are free, cheap, and extremely easy to set up.


If you are using Internet Explorer as your internet browser, which most computer users have, you have parental controls that are built right into your computer!  How neat is that?  To set these parental controls, you will want to open up a new internet window, just like you would when surfing the web.  Next, select “Tools,” and then “Internet Options,” from the dropdown menu.  A new window will appear and then you can click on the “Content,” tab.  Enabling the content advisor will allow you to start protecting your child online.

As you can see, parental controls are easy to install and you have a number of different options.  That is why you should get them set as soon as possible.


How to Homeschool Your Child:

Now that you have decided that homeschooling is the way to educate your child, get ready for the ecstasy and the anxiety – the road ahead is a bit bumpy, but the rewards more than make up for it.

Producing a well-adjusted and well-rounded personality is no mean achievement.

First of all, it is important to check out your state laws on home schooling. Some states need an affidavit filed with the State’s education department.

There are basically 3 categories for homeschooling laws. These are: private school laws, home education laws and equivalency laws. Find your state laws. You may also need to maintain a portfolio that records the child’s educational progress. It is important to look into the legal requirements BEFORE you start homeschooling. Some States also stipulate a minimum educational qualification for the parent or teacher.

Next, look for a support group. If you live in a friendly or curious neighborhood, well-meaning friends will try to dissuade you. At the very least, they may put a lot of uneasy questions in your mind. A support group that consists of like-minded people will insulate you from the criticism, pressures and questions of regular school-goers. Many groups organize fun events like visits to the zoo, museum, tours to the ice cream shops etc. And if your children hit it off with other homeschoolers, they will be able to build lasting relationships that do not fade when their friends change schools. These groups provide an important avenue for socialization.

Consider why you want to opt for homeschooling. Your motives and your reasons are important pillars on which the whole edifice of your child’s lessons depends. Also, consult with your children. Ask them what they feel about homeschooling.

Gentle parenting is the secret to successful homeschooling. Children make great advances in learning and show more enthusiasm. They also turn out to be surprisingly well balanced and well informed when they are taught at home.



Advice For A Happy Marriage:

Some people may think that advice for a happy marriage can be a bit obvious, but if that’s the case why are there so many unhappy marriages? It can be very hard to focus on the big picture when you are on the inside of a long term relationship, so hopefully these tips can rejuvenate your marriage.

Learn that mending a relationship doesn’t mean mending your partner. A marriage includes you both, and so any issues or situations always include both of you. You can’t fix things by modifying the behaviour of one person, it has to be a team effort. People aren’t like animals, and you shouldn’t have to “marriage train” your partner into making you happy. It’s not fair on them, and it’s not fair on you.

This advice for a good marriage can really help in the tough times, so I hope it helps you if you need it. Check out the links below for great info on fixing your marriage.

Staying At Home Is Not Always Equal To Staying Young:

Exposing At-Home Dangers to Your Skin and Well-Being.It’s hard to imagine aging when you’re always in your home. No sun, no wrinkles. No free radicals, no need for antioxidants. However, if you’re still feeling grumpy; grumpy like you’re aging and you can’t do anything about it, you can use some at-home tips to do wonders.


Look around you. If there’s so much clutter, dust, dirty laundry, these can really ignite your temper. Clean your home and fill it with soothing scents. Ever wonder why a sunset on a really clean bay with the sun glistening on the clear water looks so relaxing? That’s it, cleanliness = good mood.

Save yourself from some self-nagging. Start picking the broom up and clean your surroundings.  Classify the things that you need and not need in your desk. Your working area should also be clean so you can focus on your work faster and focus on your rest longer.

Speaking of rest, try putting lavender or chamomile powder on your sheets just before you sleep. These scents induce sleep-sanctifying hormones to help you get the sleep you deserve. You can also add candles, apply scented oil on your wrists and have feel-good books by the bedside table. Stay away from stressing self-help books. Experts advise love/happiness poetry, fast food fictions or even a diary. Keeping a diary is like befriending yourself. You can use an extra friend, right?

Staying young involves more than just taking care of your skin and your body. Remember to also keep a happy and optimistic state-of-mind to compliment the glow you have on your face!